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Canadian Forces Base

Armed Forces Day

July 25, 2012

Every year Scott Clark has an integral role in the planning and execution of Armed Forces Day at the North Bay waterfront. Last year was a special year for the Canadian Forces in North Bay as it marked the Diamond Anniversary, or 60 years, of a military presence in the city. The special event included displays and an air show by the Hawk One and the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Demonstration Team.

This past year, we were honoured with not only the participation of over 4,000 students from local schools, but also with a visit from Prime Minister Stephen Harper who said a few words about what Armed Forces Day meant to him. The amount of detail and time put into an event involving a guest of this magnitude was incredible. Activities included an air display of Canada’s mainline fighter, the CF-18 Hornet and Canada’s Utility Transport Tactical Helicopter, the CH-146 Griffon, ground displays of army vehicles and musical entertainment by the 22 Wing Band.

Armed Forces Day allows the community to celebrate and honour the cultural diversity and unique personality of our local military personnel, a caring and dedicated group of individuals who extol the virtues of this community both here and abroad.

June 1st provides North Bay and surrounding areas an opportunity to recognize these brave men and women for the role they play in maintaining our safety and freedom, and reinforcing our country’s reputation for leadership, compassion, and the willingness to preserve what is right. This is our way of thanking all of the Armed Forces men and women for all the work they do.