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Atlas Copco

GDE Staff Training Event

August 08, 2012

We put Atlas Copco’s GDE (Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration) staff to the test with this unique team building and training event. The objective of the event was to strengthen communication skills between the sales executives as well as the production staff. Clark Marketing Communications thought that having the sales force run a restaurant for the day and serve the production staff would be just the right, high pressure, activity to achieve this objective.

The agency booked Casey’s restaurant and worked with their managers to help facilitate the event. The Atlas Copco sales executives were bused to Casey’s and had no idea what awaited them until they were handed an apron and the challenge was explained. Over the course of the next several hours they would seat Atlas Copco production staff, take orders and run the kitchen. The diners were also in on the event and gladly acted out the scenarios of the “complainer”, “loud & obnoxious bachelorette party” and “indecisive customers.”

The event successfully helped sales executives with language barriers (some of the staff didn’t speak English), the art of upselling and the finesse it takes to pace the orders and manage the stock. Two teams competed and the winning team received Atlas Copco oven mitts.