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Digital marketing can be scary…
scary awesome!

We can reach your audience with incredible accuracy. But where it gets really awesome is when we convert that impression into your desired response, because it’s no good flashing your ad at people a million times if the messaging is off, or the conversion strategy isn’t there. And when we craft your digital campaign to dovetail with the rest of your web and traditional messaging, things get even awesomer!

“30 Days of Churchill’s”
grew their Social Following by 225%


30 Days of Churchill’s Campaign

The #Churchills30 campaign pumped up the restaurant’s social media presence, expanding their online community while reminding the city of their status as a local institution amongst a growing array of franchises and boutique eateries.

A series of selfie videos with the owner Jimmy injected new life each week while daily specials and giveaways reached thousands of existing and potential customers. 10 of the 30 daily posts reached over 10k (in a city of just over 50k) and a few peaked at 16k plus. The campaign resulted in a tripling of Churchill’s following, going from around 400 page likes to over 1300 organic page likes – no boosting involved!

30 Days of Churchill’s - #churchills30
30 Days of Churchill’s - #churchills30
30 Days of Churchill’s - #churchills30