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Digital marketing can be scary…
scary awesome!

We can reach your audience with incredible accuracy. But where it gets really awesome is when we convert that impression into your desired response, because it’s no good flashing your ad at people a million times if the messaging is off, or the conversion strategy isn’t there. And when we craft your digital campaign to dovetail with the rest of your web and traditional messaging, things get even awesomer!

A Packed Live Event and
1400% Increase in Post Engagement

Hoagie’s Diner

1400% Increase in Social Post Engagement

The ad campaign for Hoagie’s Diner has resulted in doubling their social following, 15x more engagement per post (on average), and boosted brand awareness and recognition within the community and surrounding areas.

Vintage graphics were designed to promote Hoagie’s Diner as a premiere vintage restaurant in Ontario, and tie in seamlessly with their 50’s style restaurant brand. The posts were well received by their followers and helped to increase in-store traffic and awareness of their unique menu items.

An Event with a Packed House

Hoagie’s Live Burger Challenge was a live event at Hoagie’s Diner, and was also viewed across North America as a Facebook Live Video. This packed event showcased their capabilities as a venue and featured a custom menu to showcase the talents of their kitchen staff.

Hoagies Live Burger Challenge Event on Facebook

Hoagies Cheat Day Milkshakes
hoagies burger challlenge winner
Hoagies Smash Like Button

“Own a Piece of Muskoka”
Over 1600 Leads in 60 Days!

Blue Water Acres

“Own A Piece of Muskoka” Campaign

We went all out on this comprehensive digital strategy marketing Fractional Ownership at Blue Water Acres Cottage Resort in Muskoka. Static and Video Facebook ads drove traffic to our Lead Capture Page, giving the client hundreds of potential cottage owners to follow up with by phone and email.

A Successful Video Series

Our email campaign delivered a unique 10 volume series of videos called “Cottage Diaries” that maintained a 25% open rate or better, even on the 10th email! This comprehensive campaign not only brought instant leads, it kept the client’s brand message top of mind with an interested audience for months after the ad run had ended.

blue water acres fractional ownership email
Blue water Acres fractional cottage ownership ad
Blue Water Acres affordable cottage ownership ad

“30 Days of Churchill’s”
grew their Social Following by 225%


30 Days of Churchill’s Campaign

The #Churchills30 campaign pumped up the restaurant’s social media presence, expanding their online community while reminding the city of their status as a local institution amongst a growing array of franchises and boutique eateries.

A series of selfie videos with the owner Jimmy injected new life each week while daily specials and giveaways reached thousands of existing and potential customers. 10 of the 30 daily posts reached over 10k (in a city of just over 50k) and a few peaked at 16k plus. The campaign resulted in a tripling of Churchill’s following, going from around 400 page likes to over 1300 organic page likes – no boosting involved!

30 Days of Churchill’s - #churchills30
30 Days of Churchill’s - #churchills30
30 Days of Churchill’s - #churchills30