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    Take Your Message to Another Level


    Build deeper, long-lasting relationships with your audience
    like no other medium can.

    Audiences Want Authenticity –
    Give it to Them with Podcasting

    Audiences are looking to form a meaningful connection with the brands and organizations they interact with. Podcasting is an intimate and authentic way to communicate that gives audiences the deeper dive into your niche or category that they are hungry for.

    Don’t think you have anything to offer? You’d be surprised! Our team specializes in uncovering the themes and messages that will forge a deeper connection between you and your audience.

    Be the First in Your Industry to Harness this Growing Platform

    Podcasts are quickly becoming the most consumed content by Canadians 18+ with 34% listening on a monthly basis. On average podcast listeners are younger, have higher incomes and a higher education. It is a perfect way to market your product with the global podcasting market expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 27.6% from now until 2030.

    Listen to a recent example from Cheap Seats!

    by Clark Communications | Cheap Seats

    Podcast Example on Mobile
    Podcasts - The Frontline - North Bay Podcast Network - Echooo
    The Frontline podcast
    Youtube Podcast Example

    Content Multiplier –
    More Than a Podcast!

    Not only will you build a deeper connection with your audience, you will also be creating multiple marketing messages and content opportunities from every recording! Whether your podcast is 30 minutes or 2 hours we can identify and create clips that can be used across social media and video hosting sites such as YouTube to help promote your message and multiply the impact of each episode.

    Listen to a recent example from The Frontline Podcast!

    by Clark Communications | The Frontline Podcast

    Podcasts - The Frontline - North Bay Podcast Network - Echooo
    The Frontline podcast
    Youtube Podcast Example

    Get Started at Northern Ontario’s Premier Podcasting Studio

    We make podcasting easy! From show design to recording to editing… we will make sure the process is simple for you. Our team has deep experience in both radio and film, and when combined with our in-house studio, we provide a product and service you can’t find anywhere else in Northern Ontario. We will work with you to curate the perfect show and all you have to do is show up and talk…so let’s get talking!

    Podcasting Room
    Podcasting Room
    Scott in the Podcasting Room

    What We Offer:

    • Professional Studio Access
    • Multi-camera Setup for Audio and Video Productions
    • Hosting Services
    • Strategy, Scripting and Show Design including all Visual/Audio Elements
    • Audio and Video Editing
    • Multi-platform Optimization (i.e. Social Media, Websites, Trade Shows, etc.)



    Bring us your idea, or let us provide one for you. We’ll help you build an authentic connection with your audience on the platforms they know and love. Contact us to get started today, your audience is waiting!