We go fun places and have interesting experiences.
We STAY HOME and have VIDEO CALLS to stay connected.
Then we do great work for you.

Scott Clark

President, CEO
20+ years
Strengths: The Big Picture, Son of a Nutcracker

Kathleen Thorne

Senior Account Manager
15+ Years
Strengths: Brand Integrity, History

Paul Meyers

V.P. of Digital Services
20+ Years
Strengths: SEO Expert, Exceptional Bocce Player

Candice Korecki

Project Manager
5+ Years
Strengths: Staying On Track, The Force

Brian Tangney

Director of Client Service
15+ Years
Strengths: Brand Management, Trick Shots

Ricky Allen

Operations Lead
10+ Years
Strengths: Problem Solving, Backfoot Flop Shot

Nick Clement

Product Specialist
5+ Years
Strengths: Client Satisfaction, Lego

Cheryl Clark

Office Manager
20+ Years
Strengths: Rapport, Joie de vivre

Tristan Godman

Creative Director
15+ Years
Strengths: Insight, Split-finger Fastball

Kevin Hoffman

Art Director | Digital Video Production
20+ Years
Strengths: Storytelling, Dirty Martinis

Chris Harney

Web Developer / DevOps Engineer
/ Systems Administrator
10+ Years
Strengths: Attention to Detail, sudo yum install coffee

Zack Lewis

Web & Graphic Designer
10+ Years
Strengths: UX Design, Star Gazing

Michael Whitney

Junior Web Developer & Research Lead
5+ Years
Strengths: Facts, Movember

Claudia Moya

Junior Graphic Designer & Digital Specialist
5+ Years
Strengths: Web Design, Spanish Teacher

Jessica Roveda

Digital Specialist
5+ Years
Strengths: Writing, Joyrides