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    Whether in person or remotely, we complete awesome work together. Get to know the team behind it all!

    Clark is made up of our Digital Team and our Data Team, combining all the skill sets necessary for your project. We are an experienced, versatile crew with a passion for quality, results and above all, happy clients!

    Scott Clark

    President, CEO

    25+ years
    Strengths: The Big Picture, Son of a Nutcracker

    Zack Lewis

    Web & Graphic Designer

    15+ Years
    Strengths: UX Design, Star Gazing

    Reza Hossain

    Software Developer

    5+ years
    Strengths: Scripts, Walking Cats

    Brian Tangney

    Director of Client Service

    20+ Years
    Strengths: Brand Management, Trick Shots

    Kevin Hoffman

    Art Director | Digital Video Production

    30+ years
    Strengths: Storytelling, Dirty Martinis

    Candice Korecki

    Database Director

    10+ Years
    Strengths: Staying On Track, The Force

    Chris Harney

    Web Developer / DevOps Engineer / Systems Administrator

    15+ years
    Strengths: Attention to Detail, sudo yum install coffee

    Mykayla King

    Studio Manager

    2+ Years
    Strengths: Collaboration, Glove Saves

    Tristan Godman

    Creative Director

    20+ Years
    Strengths: Insight, Split-finger Fastball

    Claudia Moya

    Junior Graphic Designer & Digital Specialist

    5+ years
    Strengths: Web Design, Spanish Teacher

    Cheryl Clark

    Office Manager

    20+ Years
    Strengths: Rapport, Joie de vivre

    Paul Meyers

    V.P. of Digital Services

    25+ years
    Strengths: SEO Expert, Exceptional Bocce Player

    Nick Clement

    Product Specialist

    5+ years
    Strengths: Client Satisfaction, Lego

    Ben Sargent

    Podcasting Producer

    5+ Years
    Strengths: Audio Production, Fixing Problems


    Office Security

    5+ years
    Strengths: Hugging, Shedding, Making Everyone Smile

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