Did you feel all the good vibes last week?
People across North Bay were spreading kindness as part of The Kindness Project during CMHA North Bay and District Mental Health Week.

Kindness Cast - The Kindness Project for CMHA North Bay and District Mental Health Week

Check out the Kindness Cast to hear about some of the highlights. Graham Shaver, along with a group of kindness reporters in the community, covered a number of different events throughout the week.

Also, did you know that 1200 scoops of ice cream were given away for free?! You won’t want to miss out next year – sign up for future kindness events here!

Kindness Project North Bay - Clark Communications - CMHA North Bay and District Mental Health Week - KindnessNorth

Our team also got in on the fun and decided to thank the frontline workers at the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board.

To show our appreciation, we put together a kindness kit filled with products from local businesses as a small token of our gratitude. And, not only did they feel appreciated, it felt really good for us too.

Let’s keep The Kindness Project going!

Post your kind acts and stories all year round with #kindnessnorth and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in the next Kindness Cast

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