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    During the 78th Annual General Meeting and Convention of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA) from June 11-13, 2023, Clark Marketing Communications will conduct interviews with CDDA members for an upcoming podcast.

    The podcast will focus on the BRING IT TO THE SURFACE CDDA Health and Wellness Campaign, shedding light on the significance of prioritizing health and wellness in the drilling industry. It will feature personal experiences and viewpoints of CDDA members, aiming to foster a culture of well-being and initiate discussions while providing support within the industry.

    Clark Communications - CDDA Podcast Host - Bring it to the Surface Podcast - 78th AGM Convention

    Photo: Brian Tangney – Director of Client Services at Clark Communications interviews Coby de Vries, CPHR Human Resources Manager at Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd for the Bring It to The Surface Podcast