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    North-Bay-Hydro-Power-Outages-Map North Bay Hydro – Power Outages Map

    We are proud to announce the launch of the new North Bay Hydro Power Outages Map on the North Bay Hydro website. We developed this web application to allow North Bay Hydro to quickly and easily inform the public about where power outages are occurring with details about the outage, public safety concerns and Hydro crew status.

    Utilizing Google Maps Javascript API v3 we created a beautiful user interface to easily view power outages and their details along with a “find my location” tool. Seeing that you most likely wouldn’t be using your computer during a power outage the Power Outage Map is optimized for all your mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. This is also true for the administration interface, making it easy for Hydro staff to update details and add new power outages on the fly. This new tool will help North Bay Hydro accurately keep the public up-to-date – in real time – with important information, which we believe is crucial in this day and age.

    Check out our DEMO: Admin loginView Outages